Why Boards Must Impulse Just Corporate Transitions

Discussions at the Davos 2021 Summit made our global roadmap crystal clear: it’s prime time for a Great Reset. That said, the equation is far from simple. Ksapa CEO Farid Baddache looks at how Corporate Boards play a key role in convincing businesses to adopt a Just Transition lens in their climate strategies.

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Ethics & Compliance in Firms: Why it happens and what makes it effective

Prof. Qinqin Zheng, School of Management Fudan University, with co-researchers Profs. Ajai Gaur, Rutgers Business School, and Koustab Ghosh, Indian Institute of Management, explore why Asian organisations adopt ethics & compliance management within their CSR and, more importantly, if and how they implement it.

By Tom Gamble. Related research: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Asian firms: a strategic choice perspective of ethics and compliance management, Ajai Gaur, Koustab Ghosh and Qinqin Zheng. Journal of Asia Business Studies, DOI 10.1108/JABS-03-2019-0094 VOL. 13 NO. 4 2019.

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