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Dear Readers,
Welcome to this special issue of Global Voice magazine dedicated to a region which is very much in the news and, it seems, there to stay – Asia Pacific. Turning our gaze away from the Americas and Europe to the east and flicking back through the history books to the beginning of modern history, we learn – and not without a hint of surprise perhaps – that the world’s two greatest economic powers for many centuries were China and India, and that Korea and Japan also flourished alongside them during the Middle Ages. Today, the Asia-Pacific is once again the leading power house of development and economic growth and everyone from The Economist to the Wall Street Journal point towards tomorrow being Asian and Pacific – hopefully, for the world, “pacific” in more ways than one.
The Council on Business & Society has the great chance of having presence and impact in the Asia-Pacific region – physically via its member school campuses ESSEC Business School Asia-Pacific in Singapore, School of Management Fudan University in Shanghai and Keio Business School, Yokohama, Japan, and also on teaching and research exchanges – faculty from our other members FGV-EAESP Brazil and Warwick Business School, UK, regularly being invited by leading institutions in the region to provide their expertise.
In this issue, 100 pages of Asia-Pacific, research-based articles on business at the crossroads of society, management and leadership, and innovation in education.
Enjoy your reading!
Kind regards,
Tom Gamble

Associate Director, Council on Business & Society

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