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October’s issue of Global Voice – the Council on Business & Society’s quarterly magazine – now available

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We’re delighted at the CoBS to announce that the 6th issue of our quarterly magazine – Insight that lifts you higher – is now available for download.

Issue 6 is a two-section version concentrating on research insights from leading professor-researchers with an added focus on one of our students and his journey to CSR.

In the Business and Society section, Arthur Gautier, senior research fellow and Executive Director of the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair offers an analysis of why people and organisations give – precious information for helping fundraisers improve their understanding of their donors’ behaviours and build their strategies. Warwick Business School contributes a very sharp piece from Professor Dr. Hossam Zeitoun on how ancient Greece provides an example for modern-day companies to become more accountable. Sustainability is covered by top insights from the FGV-EAESP Center for Sustainability (GVces) written by Amàlia Safatle, Editor-in-Chief of the P22_On magazine and how nature can provide answers to human problems. ESSEC Professor, spokesman and author Prof. Xavier Pavie tackles the question of the circular economy and whether China sets the West an example in this field. And finally, the spotlight goes to Seamus Duferrena, student, and his journey from a small town in Nevada to PhD studies and CSR.

Our Management and Leadership section plunges into the research of School of Management Fudan professor, Lorna Doucet, and the question of whether laughter boosts team performance. The research outcomes may surprise you! Prof. Sachiko Yamao from Keio Business School, Japan, continues with her research into multinational companies and the all-important need for their subsidiaries to share their knowledge. What are the barriers and how best can corporations ensure that reverse knowledge transfer takes place? Professor Yamao reveals. Diversity and inclusiveness form the focus of the next feature, with Professor/Dr. Dulini Fernando of Warwick Business School probing the shadows to identify the barriers that women face in the corporate world and ways in which managers and HR can help to make their female employees thrive. Global Voice closes with an opinion piece, in the engaging style of Prof. Maurice Thévenet of ESSEC Business School, on freedom – and specifically how the modern company can be freed from others’ misconceptions.

We hope you enjoy your reading – hope too, that the insights from our recognised researchers in their fields can provide you with precious tips and motivation for yourselves, your students, participants, companies, employees and businesses – for the common good. We’ll get there – together.

Tom Gamble, Global Voice Editor, Council on Business & Society

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