Greening up the city: Challenges for real estate

Ingrid Nappi-Choulet, Professor, Public and Private Policy Department, Chaired Professor of the Real Estate and Sustainable Development Chair at ESSEC Business School, shares her work on the city of the 21st century with her publication Greening up the City: Challenges for real estate.

This third issue of the Cahiers de la Chaire Immobilier et Développement Durable (Real Estate and Sustainable Development Chair Insights) proposes to take stock of emerging practices designed to “green up” the city and its buildings. Through some twenty interviews with thinkers and actors involved in these areas of activity, it seeks to analyse how the sustainable city could be shaped around a new economic model, based on multi-form greening of both developed and undeveloped spaces.

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As rapid urbanisation continues and natural resources grow scarcer, sustainable solutions for buildings sometimes focus excessively on energy-saving, and the differentiation value of environmental label schemes is declining: all these factors should encourage us to imagine new areas for consideration as regards the green city of the future.

What can we learn from the growing volume of reflection on urban biodiversity and how does it concern real estate? How far are public and private actors currently engaged in developing vegetation on our roofs and façades, but also in our living and work spaces? Does the rise of urban agriculture herald a new model for the productive city? And what are the innovative architectural concepts that support or precede these processes?

This publication, edited by Ingrid Nappi-Choulet, is supported by the three partners of ESSEC’s Chair for Real Estate and Sustainable Development (Poste Immo, Foncière des Régions and BNP Paribas Real Estate), and by the MIPIM.

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